Scatter plot of residuals on the y axis and fitted values on the x axis to detect non-linearity, unequal error variances, and outliers.

ols_plot_resid_fit(model, print_plot = TRUE)



An object of class lm.


logical; if TRUE, prints the plot else returns a plot object.


Characteristics of a well behaved residual vs fitted plot:

  • The residuals spread randomly around the 0 line indicating that the relationship is linear.

  • The residuals form an approximate horizontal band around the 0 line indicating homogeneity of error variance.

  • No one residual is visibly away from the random pattern of the residuals indicating that there are no outliers.

Deprecated Function

ols_rvsp_plot() has been deprecated. Instead use ols_plot_resid_fit().

See also


model <- lm(mpg ~ disp + hp + wt, data = mtcars) ols_plot_resid_fit(model)